Lady White

Lady Rolanda White was born in the city of Dayton, Ohio, to the parents of Richard and Evelyn Estell on July 6, 1957.

At the age of 23, she became a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian, while attending Christ Life Sanctuary of the Valley, in Kettering, Ohio, under the leadership of Pastor Fred C. Wilson.

While seeking a deeper walk with the Lord, she began attending the Believer Christian classes at the church. Sensing a greater calling upon her life, she went outside the walls of the church to provide outreach ministry. During this time, Rolanda White felt a need to be trained in ministry, so she enrolled in classes at Kings Way Bible Institute.

The ministries she became involved in, consisted of:

1. Prison Ministry—Ministered in a Group Setting & Lead Many to the Lord

2. Hospital Ministry—Prayer & Healing for the Sick & Shut-in

3. Street Ministry—Ministered to Those Who Would Listen & Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Their Savior

In 1984, Rolanda relocated to Southern California to be close to her mother. For 16 years, she attended Crenshaw Christian Center™, under the leadership of Dr. Fredrick K.C. Price, and was a part of the music ministry. Following this, she moved to West Covina and began worshiping at Faith Community Church, under the leadership of Dr. James H. Reeves, and working in the children’s ministry.

In October of 2002, she married Pastor Lafayette S. White, Jr. while overlooking the beautiful waters in Newport Beach, California. Together in ministry, they oversee the membership of Mount Olive Christian Church in the beautiful city of Riverside, California. She also oversees the women’s ministry and Ladies Association of Christian Encouragement (L.A.C.E.), where women are reaching their highest potential under her direction.

Feeling the need to continue her education, she is pursuing a degree in biblical studies at E. S. Solomon University.Being led of the Lord   to do all she can to reach people and help them experience their fullest potential in the Lord, is her greatest desire.

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